We Provide The Best Service & Discounts For You

We Provide The Best Service & Discounts For You

QR Taxi Booker.

Taxi Booking Point

What is a QR Taxibooker?

A Taxibooker, Kiosk or Taxi booking point, is a fixed point automated booking solution for local businesses, this taxi booker can order a taxi to your location, travelling to a set destination or to a customer’s input in as little as 1 tap.

There are many applications and BIG benefits to using a taxibooker over traditional phone booking.

Extra Revenue

It's possible to offer this as a chargeable service to your customers or offer it free & set up with us a portion from each fare. Your low cost booker could be making you money.

Service Excellence

Why not offer local delivery? Order an affordable taxi with just a tap & have your products sent to the customers door in a flash! Or offer your customers rides home or to connecting services.

Save Time & Money

100% automated Digital bookings. Free up the costs of a fixed phone & free your staff from making bookings. Allow your customers full control over their bookings with exclusive digital features eg. ETA & Quote.

“With ease of deployment, you can set up multiple QR taxibooker codes at key locations in your venue to assist your customers.

Free staff time, clear exits & reception queues, offer taxis at the table, create pickup points anywhere with posters, menus, banners & more..

Sal Zaidi - Taxibooker


QR Taxibooker.

Advanced Taxibookers, now make use of QR code technology & are even easier to use, come with no device upkeep costs or download requirements and are fast replacing apps as the booking solution of choice for passengers.

Customisable Branding

Fully customisable with compnay logos and branding colour scheme.

All the App Functions Without the Downloads

All the features you've come to expect with App bookings, ETA, Track driver, price quote & more.. all direct to your smartphone, without the download.

Print & deploy your codes then it’s as simple as:

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Why QR Taxi Booker?

Simply put Excellence in Service.
Customer service is of primary importance to any business, exceeding expectations makes a positive impact on your customers that cannot be understated.

Building a reputation for impeccable customer service builds loyalty & makes you stand out from your competitors, making customers more likely to be retained for repeat business. Expanding on the value gained even further through referrals, reviews and ultimately creating more business.

In this way Investing in customer service is the most impactful thing you can do to grow your business.

QR Taxi bookers provide excellent customer service with simple scanning QR codes, that facilitate self-service booking without the need to maintain and run a Kiosk or require an app download or staff time to repeatedly make a booking via phone.

Simple to set up, and deploy.
QR taxibookers are a cost-effective premium service that’s easy to use, & truly is the future of taxi booking!

Our Experience

Benefits of a QR TaxiBooker.

So many great benefits of installing a fixed booker in your business today.

Remote Deployable Anywhere
Simple Setup
Free Employee Time
Customisable to your Needs
Increased Customer Service

Get QR Taxibooker

Interested in finding out more or getting started with Taxibooker(s) let us know

Get QR Taxibooker

Interested in finding out more or getting started with Taxibooker(s) let us know

Simple Setup

The secure portal allows instant updates
& ease of setup.

Deployable Anywhere

Perfect for businesses, supermarkets, surgeries, any high footfall area.

Ease of Use

Easy to use with supporting documentation.